A Message from Commander Harold Gosse:
At our August 12 regular meeting, by a vote of 45 for and 11 against, Post 15 members voted to continue participation in the Associated Veterans of Loveland following the sale of the Vets Club facility at 3rd and Cleveland, Loveland. As of now, there is no sale of the Club scheduled and the sale process may take some time. However, we now know that the replacement facility we must consider is for an AVoL organization of 1000 members or more. Your continued participation in this process is crucial. Please plan to attend our September 9 meeting which is now scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m.

Fellow veterans-thank you for your service. We ask for your input and participation in Post events and programs. Join us at our next meeting at the Vets Club in Loveland. I hope to see you there.  Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 1900 hrs. Don't be AWOL.


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9/29/2014 20:41:12

New Message from the American Legion Post 15 Loveland Commander 7/9/2014

Message from the Webmaster.

Greeting the website has still been growing over the last few months. We did not win an award this year at the state convention, but we are not giving up. Some members have asked for the minutes and finance reports to be made available. However due to Privacy and other issues these will not be made available. The Historian’s blog is new, and a page that still has lots of work is the Safety in the Rockies, as the Riders create their Motorcycle  Ride. And questions or comment please ask, and soon we will have some newer features hopefully.

In addition, with the sale of the  AVoL building, any messages from the commander will be  word attached as a link that will be posted at the top of the page as a way to get the information out to everyone. The red and black  word art text above is a link to a PDF that was sent to members with emails, and will also be mailed out.

Thanks, Ryan Schuler.